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© 2018 by Maite Martinez


MAITE MARTINEZ offers tailormade solutions. Our service goes from finding you a restaurant that fulfills your expectations or a shopping assistance service in Milan and Madrid.


Many motivations boosted this project. An indecisive brother who used to fight with the menu of a restaurant, struggling between choosing the steak or the fish. Also, finding the perfect tie for a suit was the never-ending conflict. A father that wanted to go to a “delicious restaurant” but didn’t know which one.

The other motivation was my social environment - my mom and friends - who buy clothes with a clouded mind. Some people choose garments guided by the trends, get carried away by sensation in the store, the pressure of the moment, and the uncomfortable feeling that shopping sometimes causes (loud music, lots of clients, or a disinterested salesman). We want you to follow your style and choose an investment for your wardrobe. This service is born to suit your needs in the most comfortable way.


Studied journalism in Madrid and Fashion Styling in Istituto Marangoni in Milan, with experience as Fashion Assistant and Producer with Vogue Spain amongst other brands. She lives in Milan, Madrid, and Mexico. She is a food and fashion enthusiast.